The Impact of Music on Life

March 1, 2021

From the beginning of music until now, the emotional twists and turns of rhythm, lyrics, and beats themselves have paved the way for a musical evolution. Music is said to have originated over 40,000 years ago, when our ancient ancestors needed to communicate before the invention of language. That Stone Age period greatly differs from the techno beats and rap music we now know. No matter the time period, music has the potential to change a mood, shift an atmosphere, or even encourage behavior. Without it, peoples’ lives would be far more boring and catastrophic.

There are numerous steps that need to be taken in order to create the perfect playlist. (Remy Abrams (’21))

It allows us to feel every type of emotion that we have experienced in our lives. Whether that emotion is excited, happy, sad, or distraught. Depending on what kind of music someone listens to or even a personal connection to a specific song will impact their mood after playing. Additionally, music holds large amounts of societal power. It has the ability to both culturally and morally impact an individual. Music is present everywhere for people of all ages and cultures. For instance, music has the ability to serve as a tool for cultures to express themselves through performance. Thus, creating an atmosphere of learning and understanding amongst other cultures.
When people think about music now their minds might envision fast and upbeat rap songs or fun party music. But, there is also a painful side to music for many artists. Music can often be a distraction for people from pain and heartbreak. It can even be an outlet for those indescribable feelings that don’t seem worth talking about. Despite this, someone’s sad song that initiates the waterworks could be someone else’s nostalgic and confidence boosting song. That is what makes music so beautiful and unique. Even if two people are listening to the same exact song, they could feel two extremely different emotions.

The pumped-up feeling many of us encounter when listening to energetic rifts can help in motivation or working out. These types of songs are typically heard at sporting events. The up-beat rhythm of such songs allows us to feel more creative and even more inspired to work on daily tasks. For example, in Rocky, the soundtrack by Bill Conti is known to motivate and encourage its listeners to go out and fight, just like the Two-Time Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa.

Not only can music inspire, sadden, or motivate its listeners, but it can also bring us back to a time in our lives. Nowadays, with several radio stations playing decade hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, as well as many others, people of those generations are overwhelmed with nostalgia. Therefore, it can even bring forth a wistful memory of a time that seemed better or simpler.

With this topic in mind you might want to ask yourself, “Can you envision life or a world without music?”

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