The HoloLens: A Failure or the Future?

August 12, 2020

One thing that I had to do at least once while I was at the Microsoft event was try on what Microsoft considers the “future of computing.” This involved demoing Microsoft’s revolutionary device, the HoloLens.

Many have criticized the device, calling it unrealistic, or impossible overall. Those others that have tried it, however, have sometimes criticized its effectiveness. However, if my experience proves anything, Microsoft has made some enormous developments in comparison to anything out there.

Courtesy of Microsoft
The HoloLens mixes reality with the virtual world.

What really sets the device apart is its focus on portability. Unlike most of its competitors, the HoloLens boasts a standalone operating system and battery, enabling it to be completely wireless, and not requiring a computer to connect. Simply put, the HoloLens can be its own device.

Additionally, the device’s usability is outstanding. With a weight of only 579 grams (just over a pound), it is no weight on the head. Additionally, the device has a locking mechanism similar to that of a biker’s helmet, where the user places the unit on his or her head, and turns a dial on the back to make it firm-fitting. From there, the user has the full range of motion to use the device.

Overall, my experience with the HoloLens was limited but very impressive. I believe that the device is amazing and can easily be implemented today. The only issue for the HoloLens currently is its cost. Costing a minimum of $3,000, it isn’t quite yet ready for everyone. But hopefully in the future, the HoloLens will be commonplace, and everyone will have one.

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