The “hobo” look is hot

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I’ve been in this school for four years now. FOUR. Do you know how many hours of compiling cute outfits that is? I don’t know either, but it’s tiring.

I’m proud of my sweat collection, honestly. I’ve got a motley of college jackets, sweatshirts and sweatpants; matching sweat-outfits from every year at East (Lovin’ the jackets from junior year, by the way.); and quite a numerous amount of sweat-memorabilia from different trips and vacations. But sometimes, I also check out other stores, like at Leather Stand they’ve got a wide selection of biker jackets

I’m pretty sure at East we have competition for “Best Sweats.” (Superlative for 2012? I think so.) Yesterday, I competed with some girl who, on Monday, was wearing some Baseball Hall of Fame sweatshirt and Niagara Falls sweatpants. Whatever, no big. The next day I whipped out my “I ♥ Paris!” Sweatshirt and my Sea World sweatpants with Shamu swimming across my backside. Showed her.

My parents think it’s obnoxious and they always tell me I look like a “Hobo” or an “Orphan-Child.” They obviously don’t understand how high school students work. I have to waste enough thought and energy thinking, I don’t need to waste anymore trying to pick out an outfit. My brain can only handle so much strategic thinking.

The teachers always tell us “East is our home.” So, if it is my home, I’m going to dress the way I dress at home. Why not, right? It’s only logical.

It gets a little difficult in the summer though; the sweat-thing I mean. It’s hard to wear sweats in seventy to eighty degree weather, so I guess that is where we students become equals. Nobody really buys souvenir shorts anyway… that’s just weird. Oh well, I guess shorts and a t-shirt is still pretty “hobo-ish” so my slacker style shall live on.