The growing problem of cosmetic waste

April 22, 2021

Cosmetic waste is an environmental problem that is too often overlooked in the grand spectrum of reducing one’s carbon footprint. This could wind up being a leftover concealer bottle that is discarded onto the Earth’s land or loads of body wash bottles to wind up in the ocean. Not only do these products contain extremely harmful chemicals which are unsafe for the environment and animals, but these chemicals can be unsafe for you to use.
Instead of me dissuading you from purchasing more Bath and Body Works and other brands which come in unsustainable packaging, I will explain to you why you can switch to more eco-friendly companies which protect the environment and ensure that you will stay clean and fresh.

To begin, instead of using body wash, lotion, and Tree Hut scrubs, you can switch to using body bars, basically each of these products in a bar form. Not only do these products ensure that you remain plastic free, but they also ensure that the soap is safe and protects your body and skin.

Next, for skin care products, two ingredients that have been used in newer items are beeswax and squalane. These two are really safe for the environment and replace squalene, an oil extracted from sharks that have been used in skin care products.

The cosmetic and skin care world is beginning to gravitate towards the production of items which are packaged and made sustainably and do not cause the environment anymore harm. One main company which proves to be dedicated towards being environmentally conscious is Aveeno.
The next time that you feel the need to purchase more skin care products, perhaps opt for more sustainable products that are safer for the environment.

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