The Bermuda Triangle

February 5, 2022


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Scientists still haven’t discovered why so many ships and aircrafts go missing in this region

It is no secret that Americans and many others have always been fascinated by the prospect of conspiracy theories. One of the most famous conspiracies of all time, however, is the conspiracy surrounding the infamous Bermuda triangle. Its existence sparks debates in every corner of the world and those with opinions on the topic are fiercely committed to their own belief.

The Bermuda triangle is located in the space made up between Puerto Rico, Florida, and Bermuda, which forms a triangle, hence the name. There have been unexplained disappearances in the region dating back to Christopher Columbus’ time and still, the mysteries remain unsolved. Some of the most famous include the disappearance of the Navy cargo ship, the USS Cyclops which had over 300 passengers, and Flight 19, a “navigational training flight” according to, that lost 14 people. In addition, once Flight 19 lost communication, a rescue attempt was made and the PBM Mariner also didn’t return, with an additional 13 people going missing.

There are two ways to look at the situation: one chalks it up to be a series of coincidences, while the other supports that there could be some other explanation as to why many ships and aircrafts have disappeared in this area. The conspiracy list is endless with theories such as a wormhole, which is essentially a time travel shortcut, and even aliens. However, it must be acknowledged that during many of these disappearances as well, pilots and sailors communicated that they were having issues with their compasses. Could this be a reason for the disappearances, and why would the compasses start malfunctioning?

The most realistic theory in my opinion, however, is strange weather occurrences. Whether there were sudden storms or underwater earthquakes, these seem to be the most logical theories, especially when some believe that the reason behind it all is Atlantis. Still, it must be mentioned that if this were the reason behind the disappearances, why has no evidence been found? There have been no ships found underwater or any aircraft found in nearby areas. Not only have the transportation methods been lost, but so have the people, yet this should not be the case if ships and aircrafts have safety measures such as lifejackets and parachutes.

The mystery of the Bermuda triangle is ongoing and nearly everyone has an opinion on it. My advice: avoid the region altogether.

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