The assassination of Princes Diana

February 5, 2022

Princess Diana remains a pivotal figure in history decades after her death. (Melissa Vital (’23))

On August 31, 1977, Lady Diana Spencer, or Princess Diana, was killed in a car crash at the entrance of Paris’s Pont de l’Alma. Although she was the Princess of Wales and a member of the Royal Family, the effects of her death were felt all over the world.
Princess Diana was largely associated with the fashion world, and she was best known for her charitable work. She was either the president or patron of over 100 charities, and worked on behalf of the homeless, disabled, and children. After marrying Prince Charles and having two sons, Diana was forced further into the public eye and began to feel unhappy as a Princess. Therefore, after feeling too pressured in her very public role, the two separated in December of 1992, and later divorced in August of 1996.
When Diana’s tragic death occurred in Paris, Henri Paul, head of security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, was driving. Diana was also with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, who died alongside her. Later, in 2008, an inquest revealed that both Paul and the paparazzi following her car were at fault for the deaths, as he was driving under the influence of alcohol and several paparazzi photographers chased their car.
Despite the fact that several theories swarmed the media, one of the most popular conspiracies of the crash was claimed by Mohamed Al-Fayed, a businessman who then owned Harrods, the London department store. He believed that Diana was assassinated by the Royal Family, or Prince Philip more specifically, due to the fact that she was planning to marry a Muslim man and was pregnant with his child.
Another theory depicted in the media was that her crash was an accident arranged by Prince Charles so he could marry his son’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke. Diana’s butler released a note written by Diana stating that her husband, Charles, was staging an accident in her car to give her a serious head injury. When investigated, Charles told police he had no intention of marrying Legge-Bourke.
The media also speculated that the CIA was involved in the assassination of Diana. Mohamed Al-Fayed explained how both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) closely monitored Diana’s calls, meaning that they would be aware of her engagement announcement to Dodi Fayed that following Monday. Despite this, it was said that all the documents possessed by both agencies were not related to Diana’s crash or the plot of her death.
Although there are numerous theories surrounding the devastating death of Princess Diana, the world still grieves the kind-hearted and selfless woman that lost her life on that day. Whether or not Prince Philip, Charles, or even the CIA was involved in her death, Princess Diana will be remembered for generations.

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