The Amazing Escape Room

March 10, 2023


Taylor Goodman ('25)

Amazing Escape Room in Cherry Hill, NJ, has multiple mentally stimulating game rooms.

The Amazing Escape Room in Cherry Hill, NJ, offers a variety of game rooms for people to enter, find clues, unlock keys, and work together to escape. A friend and I entered The Laboratory room. In this room, “someone has poisoned the Swedish Prime Minister and they only have an hour to live. There is hope though for the Prime Minister. Hidden in the Lab are all the necessary steps to make an antidote to save the Prime Minister. If you can solve the clues, [puzzles] and tricks and find that antidote in under an hour, you will be the envy of a nation,” said
When we first entered the room, we began to browse through the laboratory to find any keys, locks, buttons, puzzle pieces, and suspicious-looking cases or props. In the rooms are big TV’s with a clock showing the players how much time there is left. Also, if the players are stuck at any point and need help, they can wave their arms in the air and yell “clue, clue, clue!” The game master then types a clue onto the TV to help the players move on to the next step. The players are only given three clues though, be sure to use them wisely!
I had a very positive experience in the escape room. We successfully found the antidote and escaped the laboratory! Participating in this escape room was a great de-stressor for my partner and me. Although you might think of more relaxing activities as de-stressors, the escape room did the trick by distracting my brain from school stress. I was able to exercise my brain in another way and take a step away from my everyday stressors when I played the game. Thinking about finding keys and codes helped take my mind off of everything else for an hour, and once we finished the escape room, I felt not only a sense of accomplishment but also very relaxed. I almost felt that taking a break from my school work and coming back to it an hour later helped me become more productive because I allowed myself a brain break to do something fun.
Overall, I had a 10/10 experience at The Amazing Escape Room in Cherry Hill, NJ, and I would definitely recommend gathering a group of friends to go to an escape room!

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