May 17, 2021

Taurus is one of the twelve zodiac signs. (Courtesy of Pinterest )

Tauruses are earth signs ruled by Venus. People considered a taurus are born between April 21 – May 20. This sign is represented as a bull. Tauruses are trustworthy, ambitious, and honest, however tend to display stubbornness in their attitude. This sign is all about the luxurious aspects of life, as well as feeling present and sensual in their own bodies. An ideal night for a Taurus would include a comfortable bed, a funny movie, and a quality dinner. Strengths include intelligence, ambition, determination, reliability, understanding of the material world, and passion. Weaknesses include stubbornness, hostility towards change, possessiveness. Since the ruler of Taurus is Venus, this sign would make an excellent chef, gardener, or artist. Tauruses are very loyal friends, though they can be closed up to others until trust is earned.

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