Surface Neo and Surface Duo

March 6, 2020


Eli Weitzman ('20)

A view of the Surface Duo (left) and Surface Neo (right)

Surface Neo

This was truly a huge surprise. In a brand new move, Microsoft previewed the Surface Neo, their folding computer. It runs a special version of Windows, called “Windows 10X,” and is powered by an Intel Processor. It even features a magnetic keyboard that flips up and is recognized on the screens, making those who don’t like typing on touchscreens a good option for work. Microsoft was very quiet on the final details of the device, but it’s amazing, and I personally want one asap. Sadly however, the Surface Neo isn’t going to be available to consumers until Holiday 2020, a year later. But when it does come out, it has the potential to redefine the computing industry forever.

Surface Duo

This is personally my favorite device. But in order to talk more about it, I must tell a story. It was 2013. I was going into my 6th grade year in middle school, and my parents decided I needed a cell phone. They let me try out all three platforms at the time (Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS). After some time with each, I settled on the Windows Phone. Why? Well, I felt it to be the device that would up my productivity, and work best with my lifestyle (Windows PC, all around all the time). I loved my Windows Phone a lot. I ended up upgrading it a few times over the years, eventually ending with the Lumia 950. That device was truly my favorite of the bunch. Then, in 2016, Microsoft ended Windows Phone. I was devastated. I moved to Android immediately, since it was the most logical successor. But I still missed my Windows Phone. That’s where we get to today.

The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s newest take on the phone. They don’t technically call it a phone, but it’s a small mobile device with folding capabilities, as well as the ability to make phone calls, and send text messages. And, it runs Android. It’s now my dream phone. Microsoft finally built a phone to satisfy my need for a Windows Phone. And it’s simply stunning. Sadly, just like the Surface Neo, the Surface Duo isn’t available until holiday 2020.

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