Style matters in a school environment

October 15, 2021


Katie Sullivan ('25)

A student showing off their individual and unique style.

Style: your initial impression of someone, your physical form of expression, what “draws” you to another person. It is one of the most important things you can have in order to meet new people, express yourself, and feel good. This is why it is so important in a school environment. Whether you are sitting in class, walking down the hallway, or meeting new teachers and peers, style is incorporated into our everyday school lives.
Style is valuable in many ways in a school environment, but particularly when it comes to expressing yourself. Besides backpacks, pencil cases, and phone cases, it is very difficult to reveal your personality and to share your likes and opinions with other people during the school day. Clothing is the most visible and noticeable thing that a student can customize. Without style, your sense of individuality and expression are taken away. “Your style can show off you are a sports fan by wearing team jerseys or you might be interested in the arts, and you may dress a little more edgy” said Easts FIDM Fashion club advisor, Mrs. Miller.
In this type of environment, it is very easy to blend in with other people, and not stand out. Amongst thousands of students, style can only positively affect your experience at school. By having a distinct or fun style, you can be recognized, build new relationships, and have the ability to “wear” your personality. Picture yourself sitting in a class full of people you do not know yet, when you see someone wearing a shirt or an outfit you really like. By going up to that person and complimenting their personal sense of style, you not only boost their confidence, but spark a new friendship.“I love sharing new stores and places where I bought my clothes with other people. I also really enjoy talking about fashion and style” said Marlee Petkov (‘24).
Furthermore, style can generate new-found confidence. From my perspective, confidence is one of the key aspects of style, and can positively contribute to your state of mind. When I style an outfit that I feel confident in, my way of thinking for the day is much more positive. This is because I look forward to showing off my outfit to everyone, and wearing what I feel good in. “I always have a little more pep in my step wearing a new outfit to school” Mrs. Miller also shared.
Self-expression, individuality, and confidence are just a few of many reasons why style is important in a school environment. Style is always around you, so why not embrace it? From jeans to flannels, East is constantly filled with a large variety of different styles. Ultimately, I think that style is crucial in a school environment.

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