Students receive impactful gifts this holiday season

December 23, 2020

You know what time of year it is… gift-giving season! The holidays are the time of year when gifts are exchanged with family, friends, and others to share the love and holiday spirit.
After speaking with a plethora of Cherry Hill East students, it has been discovered that students have received some exciting gifts so far this year and over the past few years. Ranging from new electronics, stylish clothes, trendy jewelry, fashionable shoes, and other fun gifts, there are surely some intriguing presents to be shared.
Just recently on October 13, 2020, the Oculus Quest 2, the super tech and advanced virtual reality set, was launched to the general public. “Oculus Quest 2 is a virtual reality machine that is unique because it tracks you while you are walking so that you don’t walk into walls or furniture,” says freshman Justin Seligman (‘24). He expressed his excitement about receiving this gift for Hanukkah this year. He explains that it is special because “it doesn’t need to be connected to any computers or electronics at all, besides a phone to initially set the device up.”
Seligman (‘24) says how receiving this gift, as well as the other fun things, always mean a lot since they come from family and are from the heart. He also says that “the product is super meaningful because it’s nothing like [he] has received before!”
Cherry Hill East senior Amanda Rosten (‘21) says so far the best gifts she has received this year consist of “Uggs, comfy PJs, and earrings.” She says that part of what made these gifts so special was the fact that they were from her parents. Rosten (‘21) explained how this time of year is always very enjoyable for her because “it feels good to give gifts to the most important people in your life.”
It’s always fun to receive a gift if it’s something that was on your wish list or was something that you’ve wanted; however, it truly means the most when it’s from someone you love. The same goes for giving gifts to the people who mean most in your life. “It makes you appreciate these people even more,” says Rosten (‘24).
Freshman Nysa Chawla (‘24) says “some of the best gifts [she’s] received over the holidays are sweatshirts from places [she] loves to visit, AirPods, and a Polaroid printer.” These gifts are super creative and are so exciting to receive during the holidays.
“I’ve been wanting these products for a while, so it was super special when I received them, even if we were on vacation. Additionally, I was so surprised to see my little sister put a lot of thought into her gift to me,” shares Chawla (‘24), describing why opening up these gifts meant so much. Chawla expressed that the holidays are a time for her to spend quality time with family and to experience some relaxing time with friends during winter break.
Along with receiving some amazing presents, giving back to the community and loved ones truly adds to the magic of the holiday season. “Seeing everyone’s faces light up when they receive something is so precious, says Chawla (‘24).
East students have been receiving some great gifts this year and over the past few holiday seasons. “Giving and receiving exciting gifts adds to the holiday spirit,” shares Seligman (‘24). It is an exciting and fun tradition to partake in.

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