Sophie Heidt, Olivia Hung, Julia Yasenchak, and Hannah Golden as Chairspeople

Sophie Heidt, Olivia Hung, Julia Yasenchak, and Hannah Golden as Chairspeople

Q: When you guys were selected what was your first task as chairpeople?
Sophie: “First we picked our theme and our charity.”

Q: How did you guys choose the theme and the charity of this year’s event?
Hannah: “We wanted the theme to have a bunch of different people-something that would give a good dance so then the pop stars give the dance chairs a lot of opportunity for smaller music choices.”
Julia” “We could give suggestions but also they could pick someone specific if they wanted to.”

Q: Why did you choose this charity and why did you choose that theme?
Sophie: “The charity was definitely something close to home at east, a lot of people are affected by illnesses or even by injuries so, we felt like CHOP was a good way to encompass everyone.”

Q Can you explain more about the charity?
Olivia: “I think we are just donating to CHOP overall, so it could go to any department of theirs.”
Sophie: “It will help life savings, research, etc.”

Q: What else besides hosting the event are the chairpeople responsible for?
Olivia: “We are responsible for setting up the whole show.”
Hannah: “And requiring donations.”
Sophie: “And helping them with their acts.”

Q: As chairpeople, what opportunity does Mr. East give you?
Julia: “The opportunity to be involved in more school productions, it is very fun to be behind the scenes of something the whole school is a part of.”
Olivia: “It is a tradition, and a lot of schools don’t have something like this-male beauty pageants.”
Sophie: “It is also a fun way to get closer with people you don’t really know at the end of your senior year, there are so many people who applied to do it.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to?
Hannah: “Honestly just the show, I am excited to see it come to life.”

Q: What are some challenges that you have encountered planning for Mr. East?
Sophie: “It is hard to get everyone to come to all the practices.”
Julia: “A lot of people already have prior commitments.”
Hannah: “Just getting people to actually respond to us.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being a chairperson?
Sophie: “It is really fun working with the guys and working with each other.”
Julia: “Giving them fun suggestions on costumes and stuff… the creativity.”

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