Siddarth Pejavera as Mr. Saxxy

Siddarth Pejavera as Mr. Saxxy

Q: What is your Mr. East name and what is the significance of it?
A: “My Mr. East name is Mr Saxxy. I chose that name because I’ve been playing sax for my whole life and I believe I’m a pretty saxy man.”

Q: What pop star did you choose to represent and why?
A: “I chose Bruno Mars. I ‘ve always listened to him my whole life, and I feel like I represent Mr. Bruno a lot.”

Q; How have you prepared for the competition so far?

A: “I’ve been getting in the gym and lifting weights so that my physique is great for the swimsuit competition.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the competition?
A: “The swimsuit competition.”

Q: Who do you feel is your biggest competitor and why?
A: “Christian Jameson because he is a very fun guy and he has a very good act and he knows how to work a crowd very well.”

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