Senior Perspectives: Seth Treiman

March 3, 2020

Throughout high school, we are often told that these last four years leading up to adulthood will be some of the most formative years of our life. Coming into high school, I doubted this idea and just thought high school would be just another typical phase of my life. But now, I can say that the connections I made at East have taught me so much more about myself, others and the world than I thought was ever possible.

As a whole, East taught be about myself by constantly holding a mirror in my face. Whether talking to a teacher about a paper or applying notes from a director in D-Wing, this mirror is a great tool to learn about yourself and how you function. To those who haven’t yet, discover this mirror and use it to your advantage because knowing yourself, and acknowledging your flaws is the first step to self-improvement.

Having a strong connection with yourself is very important, but having connections with others is equally important. East has such a diverse environment and different actives bring all types of people together. Specifically, my time in D-Wing has brought me together with people that I would never have even thought about talking to had they just been in a regular academic class with me. If you aren’t in an activity with a diverse collection of students, join one! If you’re sitting next to someone you don’t know in a class, try to talk to them! East is difficult, the more people you know in a class, the more perspectives you can get on the material. You may not resonate with how the teacher teaches, but if your friend does, they can hopefully explain it to you in a different way.

My friends, my teachers and my experiences have given me so much information about everything, and I’m very grateful for what East has shown me- both the good and the bad. In just four years, I have learned so much academically, artistically, socially and emotionally. When we leave in June, I will be happy to move on, but eternally grateful for the four years spent here. East is tough in so many aspects, and it will wear you down, but being worn down reveals what’s truly inside. You don’t have to love East, but you should come out after four years with plenty of love for how you went through high school.

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