Senior Perspectives: Best Female Friends

March 3, 2020


How did you first meet?

Zoe: Oh my God, I’m going to start crying…We both met at Breakdancing Club in sophomore year.

Maya: Neither of us really felt like we had a certain place to be in Breakdancing Club. It was more like we would both end up wandering around, and then we’d be like, “Oh, you do that [club] too?” And one day I got bored and I asked her to teach me choreography…

Zoe: And the rest is history.

Maya: The rest is history.

Zoe: And then every time from then on that I came to Breakdancing Club, it was like, “Where’s Maya? Where’s Maya?” I would always look for you.


What were your first impressions of each other?

Maya: At first, I’d heard about Zoe…and I always thought that she was super super cool, that she was way too cool for me…I almost was afraid to talk to [her], because I was like, “What if she doesn’t like me? She has so many friends. She’s just way too cool for me.”

Zoe: As soon as I started talking to you, you were so giggly and friendly that I feel like our personalities just meshed immediately. I — I just loved you immediately.

Maya: Aww, I loved you immediately too. It was literally love at first move you showed me.

Zoe: This sounds like a Best Couple interview.

Maya: Is it not? Is that not why I’m here?


How do you two spend time together?

Zoe: Ninety-nine point nine percent of the time, we go out and get way too much food.

Maya: It’s usually bubble tea.

Zoe: It’s always bubble tea, and then we over-order —

Maya: And we both go into literal food comas.

Zoe: We also like to do things that foster [creativity] with each other, so whether it’s going shopping for clothes or little craft-type things, we both like to do that as well.

Maya: When we’re not hanging out, we’re texting about, like, everything.

Zoe: I think yesterday, I was like, “Maya, I just ate too many yogurt pretzels. I think I’m gonna vomit. What’s up?”

Maya: I had, at that exact moment, eaten an entire tub of raw cookie dough.


What are the best traits of the other person?

Maya: She brings out the best in people…Not just me, I see the way she interacts with other people — she constantly empowers them, and she constantly makes them feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves. She’s just constantly positive, always has a good word to say about anything, but she’s honest. And that’s not a bad thing…if she feels like something is a certain way, she will tell you, which is always something I need to hear.

Zoe: I feel the same way…I was trying to put what you just said into words…Also, you fostered a lot of creativity that I didn’t know I had…Especially with fashion choices and things like that, I’m very simple, and I often am not bold enough to do things, and you’re like, “Zoe, just do it. Stop being so boring.” And I’m like, “You know what? I will!”…You make me realize that I can do other things, that I can take a leap, that I can — I can do anything.


What’s something embarrassing about the other person?

Maya: The thing is, we’re both so embarrassing in public. Like together. Like it’s gotten really bad.

Zoe: Oh, yeah…We don’t have a filter anymore.

Maya: It’s beyond inappropriate.

Zoe: There’s also something we’ve been doing recently where we just go — [blows kissy noises]

Maya: [blows kissy noises back]

Zoe: Across the room. If there’s people between us? Sandwiched.


What does your friendship mean to you?

Zoe: It honestly means everything to me.

Maya: It means everything to me…I mean, best friends is one thing. We think of ourselves as so much more than that.

Zoe: Especially with college coming up and everything, we’re really realizing that this is a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Maya: Oh yeah. Because we’re only five minutes away from each other.

Zoe: My bed is your bed…we’re going to be together all the time. I can’t imagine my life without you.

Maya: I can’t imagine my life without you.


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