Senior Perspectives: Best Co-ed Friends

March 3, 2020


How did you first meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Emily: Sixth grade, we had a bunch of classes together.

Matt: I saw that she was really cool and athletic, so I knew we’d have a lot in common.

Emily: You were just funny; we had a lot in common, so like similar interests, and we just kind of meshed really well.


How do you two spend time together?

Emily: We do everything together. We go out to eat all the time…We go to a lot of concerts in the summer. We literally do everything together.


What are the best traits of the other person?

Emily: He’s so funny, and he’s so nice and understanding.

Matt: We just understand each other.


What’s something embarrassing about the other person?

Matt: Her height.

Emily: I could say it, but it’s probably not school-appropriate, so we’ll skip on that one.


What does your friendship mean to you?

Matt: A lot.

Emily: It’s everything.

Matt: It’s pretty cool [to be voted Best Co-ed Friends] because everyone knows us and everyone knows that we’re best friends.

Emily: It’s kind of like validation that it’s a real relationship, and other people see it too, and it’s not just us.


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