Self-love affirmations

February 14, 2021

Reminder: Do not forget that you are loved

You may be wondering ‘what exactly are affirmations?’. Affirmations are used to motivate or encourage you or others. They act as positive statements or reminders that we should all incorporate into our everyday lives. We all are worthy of a fulfilled and happy life. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of that! It is easy to get lost in stress and worry, especially during this unprecedented time, but it is important to prioritize yourself and your mental health. Below are ten positive self affirmations. I encourage you to start with one self affirmation and say it in front of the mirror or out loud.

1) I know that I am strong and capable. I know that I am enough.
2) I feel proud of myself when [fill in the blank].
3) I have the power to create the life I want to live.
4) I will be patient with myself and give myself time to grow and learn.
5) I have the power to change my mindset and how I view things.
6) I embrace that I am perfectly imperfect, because I am human.
7) I am grateful for what my body and mind do for me every day.
8) I put my time and effort into things that are important to me.
9) I am worthy of happiness and fulfillment.
10) Each day is filled with blessings and opportunities.

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