Q&A with Blake Weiss

March 1, 2016

Blake Weiss shares with members of Eastside his story about being openly transgender.


Q: How long have you identified yourself as transgender?

A: I’ve been living full-time as a male for two years… I’ve never been one to be quiet about myself. If I’m not out as transgender, I’ll be unhappy… But, I’m really happy now being out as transgender.



Q: Do you feel accepted at East?student population infographic

A: I feel like I’m pretty accepted… People just don’t understand because they don’t know anything about [being transgender].



Q: How do you feel about the gender-neutral bathrooms at East?

A: It’s really good. It’s really nice to have [the gender-neutral bathroom] because I’m really uncomfortable in the girls’ bathroom and I don’t pass well enough to go into the men’s bathroom.



Q: Have your teachers been receptive of you and the pronouns that you identify with?

A: Before the start of the year, my mom emailed all my teachers and said, “My kid’s transgender. He uses he or they pronouns… I have had a teacher before in the past, so she’s kind of a little bit confused because she knew me before I transitioned, so I understand her messing up. But most of my teachers when they do mess up, they get really upset about it, and they apologize.



Q: How did your friend react when you came out?

A: It was really rough because he had been my really close friend, one of my best friends, and then he kind of alienated me and made me feel like I wasn’t normal or like I didn’t deserve his friendship.



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