Presidential Perspective: East Class Student Government Associations need some change

March 27, 2023

Being the Freshman Class President, I personally think that the class Student Government Associations (SGA) needs to shift focus. It would only make sense that the position of President comes with a certain amount of say in our school on policies and ability to advocate for student voice. However, this is not the case. 

Courtesy of Ronak Pathak

Although the title seems like it comes with power, the President primarily focuses on creating class dances and events and orchestrating fundraisers to raise money for them. And while the SGA should mainly focus on planning such activities, I feel some authority should be given to represent the voice of the students. With the title of President comes the assumed responsibility of advocating student voice. Yet it does not come with any authority to carry out the wishes of the students of the class. 

With this in mind, I do not believe that each Class Student Government needs radical reform. I just ask for our responsibilities to be expanded. Perhaps we could occasionally meet with our grade level administrator, aid Schoolwide SGA in some of their policies, or have a say in board decisions. I believe I am speaking for most of the Student Government when I say that we assume our elected positions thinking we will be able to make our school a better place for everyone. Thus, for the betterment of our whole school community, I think we can all agree that Class Student Governments could use additional authority.

Many schools have student government associations to organize school events, promote school spirit, and advocate for fellow students. Yet where we draw the line with student government authority has long remained a question of debate. Read and play along with Eastside as we explore potential ways to increase student voice, empower student governments, and more.

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