Presidential Candidate: Evan McMullin

November 6, 2016


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Evan McMullin is a former CIA operative, business professional and the House GOP’s Chief Policy Director.

Evan McMullin has held the position of CIA operations officer and director for the Republican Conference of the House of Representatives. This year McMullin is running as an independent candidate for the United States presidency. McMullin is currently on the ballot in 11 states and is eligible for write-in access in 23 states, including New Jersey.

        McMullin’s campaign is unique because he is the only presidential candidate in the race without an official candidate for vice president on the ballot. Currently listed on the ballot as McMullin’s vice president is the name Nathan Johnson.

Johnson is a close personal friend of Evan’s who agreed to serve as a placeholder because of the extraordinarily tight time-lines an insurgent campaign like ours entails,” wrote campaign operative Joel Searby on McMullin’s official website.

The main issue for McMullin’s campaign is that in all of the states where he is listed on the ballot, McMullin’s running mate cannot be changed this close to the election. As a result, if McMullin is elected as president, he has chosen to replace Johnson, who has no intention of becoming the vice president. McMullin has selected Mindy Finn as his true running mate. Finn is the founder and president of a bi-partisan organization called Empowered Women.

McMullin announced his candidacy on August 8, 2016. Formerly a Republican, he is running as a conservative alternative to Donald Trump. He is a proponent of supporting the military, as well as standing up for veterans by reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other stances that McMullin has taken include government accountability, trade and immigration. McMullin believes that the power of government must be brought closer to the people of the United States by putting it in the hands of the states. He also supports expanding global trade to boost the economy. On the topic of immigration, McMullin wants more secure borders for the country. However, McMullin feels that it is not practical to deport all of the illegal immigrants. His plan is to allow these immigrants the opportunity to earn legal status by having them turn themselves in and complete a step-by-step procedure.

To stay up to date with McMullin’s campaign and access a complete list of his positions on prevalent issues, visit the official campaign website at

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