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November 6, 2016


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Darrell Castle has been leading the Constitution Party since its inception in 1992. In 2008, he was selected as the Vice Presidential candidate.

During this election cycle, people mainly have four parties in mind: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian and Green. However, when voting on November 8, people should consider the Constitution Party. The ticket for the Constitution Party includes Darrell Castle as the presidential candidate and Scott Bradley as the vice presidential candidate.

Castle and Bradley greatly focus their campaign around the idea of state sovereignty and a literal interpretation of the constitution.

This sort of platform might actually catch on with conservatives who are turning away from Donald Trump. Due to Trump’s radicalness, some voters might shift to the Constitution Party, which was once thought of as overly radical, for a less radical solution. Unlike Trump, who focuses on grand goals like building a wall between Mexico and the United States and banning all Muslims from the United States, the Constitution Party has the traditional conservative goals of giving rights to the states and closely protecting the Bill of Rights.

While at this stage of the election the Constitution Party’s chances of winning are slim, it can be a great detriment to the Trump campaign, as it may take loyal conservative voters who would have otherwise voted for Trump.

This idea of a third party candidate swaying the election is not new. It is widely accepted that Al Gore (Democrat) lost the 2000 election to George Bush (Republican) because many would-be Gore voters decided to vote for Ralph Nader, the Green Party Candidate, instead.

Therefore, while Castle and other third party candidates are unlikely to win the election this year, they can still have a drastic effect on the future of the United States.

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