Oliver Adler (’20)

June 4, 2020

I have nothing but gratitude for my time at East. I have been surrounded by countless incredible people over these past few years, and I think it’s important that, before anything else, I recognize the people at East who have made my experience so gratifying.

I would not look back so fondly upon my time at East without my peers, who made me want to go to class and stay after school every day. Moments like the Spirit Week Dance this past November and the boys’ basketball sectional semi-final game in DiBart were awesome moments because they were spent with people who cared so much about something. Spending a class period debating over the impact of decisions made by European monarchs hundreds of years ago was so electric because my classmates were so competitive. I would come back to East at 7:00 at night for Back to School Night once a year and see members of East’s theater program still practicing, hours after the final bell had sounded.

This passion did not just exist among the students though, which is something that evidently became more clear during a worldwide pandemic. I’m not surprised – but still amazed – by a teacher of mine who posted tutorials of material that extend beyond the timeframe available to us to learn, but would nonetheless benefit us as students in our college careers.

the people of Cherry Hill East have passion, and Cherry Hill East is an environment that welcomes and encourages it.”

— Oliver Adler ('20)

There are many examples to use that share the same message: the people of Cherry Hill East have passion, and Cherry Hill East is an environment that welcomes and encourages it. I’m so appreciative that I was able to pursue some of my passions inside and outside of the classroom. I want to thank my teachers, student government advisors, and coaches who helped me in chasing these passions. Constantly surrounded by individuals who spent their time doing the things that mattered to them inspired me to follow my own goals in student government and athletics. It made me want to come into the building every day. As it does now, it will certainly make me miss the Cherry Hill East community next year.

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