Olive Nail Lounge

March 10, 2023


Jillian Koenig ('24)

The peaceful, aesthetic decorations at Olive Nail Lounge.

Often when we hear the word “relaxing,” we are immediately transported to a spa. We associate the word “spa” with the words “relaxing” and “calming.” Personally, I consider a nail salon a spa, and my experience at Olive Nail Lounge in Cherry Hill certainly lived up to the spa’s expectations.
On entering the nail salon, I was greeted by the friendly employees at the front desk and instructed to wash my hands and choose a color. After opting for light pink, I followed an employee to her station where she did a beautiful job on my nails.
Along with freshly manicured nails, I also left Olive with a sense of ease and calmness. The environment that Olive provides its customers with is comforting and a perfect place to de-stress.
I can accurately say that my experience at Olive was one that reduced my stress. I walked in with the weight of lots of homework and tests on my back and walked out feeling free from this heavy load.
I attribute my de-stressing experience to the calming and comforting environment Olive provided me. The nail salon is decorated very modernly with lots of cool tones that I definitely think create this relaxing atmosphere.
“I think the colors of the salon, the music, it doesn’t smell like a nail salon [contribute to the relaxing environment at Olive],” employee Shayna Cohen said.
Cohen believes that a calming environment is crucial for a nail salon to be as relaxing as possible for its customers.
While the environment at Olive certainly contributed to my pleasant experience, I think that no matter what nail salon you go to, you will be able to experience the same benefits and relaxation that I experienced because getting your nails done is simply a calming activity that eases the mind.

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