Mr. Robert Metzger

November 2, 2020

Mr. Robert Metzger is joining the East team this year and he is excited to inspire a whole new class of students. Metzger is joining the Cherry Hill Public School District as he is co-teaching Intro to World Civ, US History, and English 10 for the 2020-2021 school year. However, Metzger isn’t a stranger to the district. Before his experience at East, Metzger taught at one of the schools in the district for around twenty years.

After seeing his successful daughter graduate from Cherry Hill East, he decided that it was the right time to make a positive change in his life and stepped forward to make the change. As of right now, Mr. Metzger is enjoying his time at East. He confesses that East teachers couldn’t be more helpful and that the students are welcoming. Transitioning from a new school is sometimes difficult, but for Metzger, he is really enjoying himself and the atmosphere is great.

Additionally, Metzger has lived in Cherry Hill for 20 years and hopes to one day retire in the world’s most well-known summer vacation spots, Cape Cod.

Metzger has many unique hobbies including his enjoyment of gardening, decorating and finishing furniture, and working with textile fabrics. He also loves traveling, recounting that in the last six years, he’s been to Europe three times and has recently just come back from a visit to Costa Rica.

Once students return to the building, Metzger can’t wait to start engaging with his classes in person and form a deeper connection with the students in his new building.

Devastated that he can’t interact and get to know all his students right now, he’s had to adapt and “pinpoint” the key things that he wants to teach because class time is limited. Metzger hopes we’ll adapt to the new conditions and see the positives in the world that has been greatly affected by the Coronavirus. He hopes that students and their families won’t get too overwhelmed, but students still get the education that they need and can focus on that. Although learning online and through the hybrid schedule, Metzger hopes he can help his students through the tough transitions this year.

Metzger recommends that students look around and notice the many opportunities around them, embrace them, and partake in everything that might be an interest to them.

“I think every kid has something, there’s something there for every kid,” he says. Metzger wants to help his students appreciate the small things in life and have an amazing school year despite the difficulties that the world is facing.

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