Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Captain AmERICa – 4 Days to go!

March 23, 2015

Mature beyond his years, Eric Grayson (‘15) is tenaciously driven. Now known as Mr. Captain AmERICa, Grayson “fights” away any inhibitors, which could possibly impede his desired success.

“One word that describes me is diligent,” said Grayson, summarizing his steadfast and hard-working lifestyle.

Grayson is blatantly scrupulous in an academic sense. But, sometimes Captain AmERICa aims his diligence towards his extra curricular endeavors. One specific aspect of East culture, which Grayson has profoundly participated in, is that of music.

“I do a lot of music activities, I’m in Voce,” said Grayson.

Grayson further explicated his passion for musical activities, stating that his adoration and passion for music has stemmed from a singular, but majorly impactful freshman year experience.

“My favorite East experience would have to be my first [vocal] concert. [It was great] seeing all the seniors I could aspire to,” he said.

Despite his evident esteem for music, Grayson is not known for this specifically. Instead, the Captain is pegged as a politically savvy member of his class.

“I was one of the class vice presidents freshman and sophomore year,” he said, “and then from sophomore year until [two weeks ago] actually, I was one of the school vice presidents.”

This is yet another characteristic, which admittedly, is not unexpected of the diversely involved Captain AmERICa. Grayson admits to being involved in historical, scientific, musical and even athletic activities.

“I’m in SGA, actually my term has just ended; I’ve done Bridge Tutoring in the past; I’ve done Model U.N. in the past; [I did] Future Engineers Club in ninth grade, and I did freshman baseball,” said Grayson.

Despite the contrary perception existent among his classmates, Grayson is not adamantly stuck on the prospect of becoming a politician.

“I think politics could be a possibility, but I’m still not sure what career I want to take,” he said.

I think I have a diverse array of talents to bring, hopefully I can entertain people with some smart comedy and with music skill.

— Eric Grayson

Captain AmERICa aims to stay involved throughout the school, allowing him to most efficiently remain well-adept in all of his duties, no matter what impending situation may arise. Grayson intends to further portray his diverse extracurricular involvement through showcasing his developed skills in his performance segment.

“My performance will be a mix…where I will showcase a bunch of different thing. It won’t just be something that’s overdone, or it won’t just be monolithic,” said Grayson. “I think I have a diverse array of talents to bring, hopefully I can entertain people with some smart comedy and with music skill.”

As a superhero, Grayson also possesses great fervor for the successful resolution of globally impacting issues.

“Sometimes I think we rush through the day too much, especially with tons of technology, I think we’re doing too many things too quickly,” he added, explaining his desire for a global society having large emphasis on human interaction.

Grayson enjoyed working on the twenty-eighth annual Mr. East Pageant with all of the other contestants.

“I think it’s a fun experience to work with the other guys, to put on a good product,” he said.

A student superhero, Grayson is always looking for ways to continue improving himself. Thus, the hero wishes to elevate himself to a higher degree, viewing this year’s pageant as a way of self-furtherance.

“I perform with the instrumental and vocal department, so I do have stage experience,” said Grayson, “but [Mr. East is] something that’s a little outside the box… I feel it would benefit me greatly going forward.”

Never one to shy away from a conclusion confirmed under logical reasoning, Grayson further added “practically two free prom tickets would be nice… that’s not the primary goal, but if that happens it’s great.”

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