Mr. East Countdown: Mr.Berger and Fries- 3 days to go!

April 12, 2016

Personable, outgoing, and incredibly vibrant, Aaron Silverberg (’16) channels his inner parrot in preparation for the Mr. East competition.

Silverberg plans to amaze his audience by performing a combination of juggling, singing, and dancing.

“I’m gonna be handling balls, I’m gonna be throwing them in the air, and juggling them, but I’m also gonna be singing and dancing a little bit, I’m a big multi tasker I can do both,” said Silverberg.

About six years ago after seeing a performance from Alex Feldman, also known as Mr. Al X Factor, Silverberg became inspired.

“I think it’s a very cool and unique talent that not many people can do, and when I do it I make a lot of people smile and they’re amazed by it,” said Silverberg.

Over the course of the next few years, Silverberg began to exercise juggling more frequently.

Silverberg said, “I just watched a lot of Youtube videos about other guys and saw how they handled their balls, and then I guess at tennis I ended up using the sticks and the balls on my own and started juggling them.”

Although Silverberg believes that he has a strong advantage over the other candidates because, being a parrot, he is the only competitor that can fly, he feels slightly inferior to other competitors, Jack Tremper and Kennedy Omari.

“I know that Kennedy is very funny and I know that Jack is super talented because he’s involved in the acapella groups. I sometimes feel like his talent might outweigh my juggling, said Silverberg.

Overall, Silverberg possesses a confident and appreciative attitude towards the competition. He hopes to elicit a lot of laughs and big smiles from his audience and the thrill the judges.

Silverberg said, “This is definitely going to be one of my favorite memories at East and I feel like a lot of people are really seeing who I am.”

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