Courtesy of Mr. East Committee

Mr. Bui-eve in Yourself (Andrew Bui)

From busting a move in Breakdancing club to the traditional dances of Vietnamese Culture Club, Mr. Bui-eve in Yourself or Andrew Bui (‘19) is ready to incite emotion on April 5. The name he chose for the pageant came when he was trying to piece together his act.

“I was trying to come up with puns using my last name, as that’s that the majority of people call me. Then, the idea just came to me one day, and I felt like it matched my message and what I was trying to say in my performance,” said Bui.

While trying to woo the crowd with his performance, Bui will represent his month of February with emotion.

“They decided that I was February, and that was because my application had a lot of things that they called cute…February and Valentine’s Day is cute but it also has emotion…and that’s what I am trying to draw out with my performance,” said Bui.

While the month of February may not be his favorite, Bui still has ties to his month through Lunar New Year and his mother’s birthday. Due to time constraints, Bui could not incorporate his own culture; however, he hopes to bring out the emotion through his performance.

“There is only so much you can include so I cannot really include my culture significance into my act, but I am able to include more of the Valentine’s feel with the emotion and the cute aspect of it,” said Bui.

Bui’s performance will represent his own life and personality with the addition of the theme’s influence.

“My act will include everything that I do or most of the things I do in my life especially revolving around school so that will include school itself, a day in the life, but I also do outside of school like music, soccer and dance. I am planning on using a storyline to make it more emotional and to differentiate from the other acts,” said Bui.

Bui believes that everyone has a shot and a chance to win Mr. East, but he feels that since he is going for the emotional appeal, he will stand out amongst the other candidates.

“I feel like my act, specifically, the fact that I am trying to go for the emotional storyline, the other acts are not planning on doing that. They are more thinking about showing off what they want, so if I am the only one who appeals to people’s emotions then I can pull some heartstrings,” said Bui.

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