Lucas Tang as Mr. Intangible

Lucas Tang as Mr. Intangible

Q: What is your Mr. East name and what is the significance of it?
A: “My Mr. East name is Mr. Intangible and its a play on words of in-tang-ible because that’s a cool name and it has my last name in it, which is why I chose it.”

Q: What pop star did you choose to represent and why?

A: “I chose Rick Astley, but I initially chose The Weekend because my junior prom date danced with somebody else and I wanted to get back at her because she likes the weekend, but everyone else is choosing really funny pop stars. I don’t think The Weekend has that power to be funny, so I ditched the revenge tour on the j prom date. So, I’m choosing Rick Astley because it’s funny.”

Q: How have you prepared for the competition so far?
A: “I have not. But, I’ve done a little bit, which is kind of counterintuitive because I have ten days to do this and I really should have done this earlier. I had a whole year to plan for this and now I’m doing this now which is kind of procrastination at it’s finest. But, I’ll probably do it later.”

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the competition?
A: “My act incorporates a lot of easter eggs throughout the show. At the end, since I take photos for the school -shout out Tangs Pics- I printed out a bunch of four by six photos and I really hope to make a background of all the photos I’ve taken throughout East. That’s a cool way to sign off. I really hope I can do that.”

Q: Who do you feel is your biggest competitor and why?
A: “Myself, because I’m going to sike myself out and I don’t like that.”

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