Looking Forwards to the New Year

December 23, 2020

The year 2020 has truly been one that most will remember. For some, it can easily be referred to as being the worst year thus far. The traditional New Year’s Eve celebration will have to take place at home. For some, this time of year can be remembered by hosting parties or going to major cities like New York to celebrate with family and friends. Those plans including crowd-related events will have to be wiped away from the to-do list of this year. The best thing that could be done this year is to bring the New Year’s Eve spirit into our homes. We will give bigger and better gifts to make up for the gifts we can not physically hand to our loved ones.

As a family, we will stay home and play as many board games as we have available at home. Along with that, we will watch movies we have missed, and light up the fireplace to make some s’mores. We will definitely not be able to welcome the new year with friends and family as we did before the year 2020 struck, but that should not or will not discourage anyone, since times like this will only push society forward towards a stronger path.

Although we will not be experiencing the ideal New Year’s celebration this year, we have to make the best of it as much as we can. It has not been the easiest year for anyone, that is why I will mainly wish for a better year. A year that will bring hope for my family and the rest of the world, where we will face no health problems related to COVID-19.

Everyone is looking for a better year, for the normality of our lives to return. We should enter the year knowing that even with the vaccine, our lives will not return to the way it was pre-COVID-19, since this global topic is one that everyone is talking about with uncertainty. However, regardless of how many people thought of 2020, we as a community should try to find the positive in a time where some have even grown from it. After all, there is only one year of 2020 and we should all find something positive we can attach to it.

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