Locker room renovations

March 13, 2023


Lucas Tang

The locker rooms will be in much better condition in the future after the changes.

All East locker rooms are slated to be renovated as per the new bond put forth by the Cherry Hill School District.  With school locker rooms gradually becoming more roughed up through time, there’s no question that renovations to school locker rooms, especially those downstairs, are much needed. In the words of Mr.Mike Beirao, East’s athletic director, the primary goal of the upcoming locker room renovations is to make them usable for students. 

The biggest changes facing the downstairs locker rooms include updates to the common changing area and the bathrooms. Even just giving the locker rooms a fresh coat of paint and cleaning up the area will make it more accessible, says Beirao.

Regarding the downstairs locker rooms used for sports, Beirao hopes to create usable spaces for athletes. “I think what happens is you walk into the locker room and A, it’s not great for sight lines—you know, if you’re trying to monitor, it’s difficult. I think that the lockers don’t fit the equipment that we have—so if you play field hockey, lacrosse, [or] softball, there’s really no place to put your stuff because it doesn’t fit the lockers. So we really need to take a look and try to figure out, ‘how do we make that space usable?’—and usable for today’s athlete, and not for changing for gym class.”

In terms of the upstairs locker rooms, the target of these renovations will be to create a safe space where students can feel comfortable changing and leaving their belongings. Another big change to expect are door replacements for all locker rooms. These replacements will give the locker rooms a cleaner look, says Beirao.

Ultimately, the remodeling decisions come down to Harrison Architects, who are responsible for updating the locker rooms. There is no doubt that locker room renovations will be some of the best-received changes in the school put forth by the bond.

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