Kevin Garvin (’25)

April 10, 2023


Soccer is a big part of Kevin Garvin’s life, among other hobbies such as drumming and skiing. (Jillian Koenig (’24))

Sophomore, soccer player, drummer, skier. These adjectives describe Kevin Garvin (‘25) in the most basic terms. In reality, however, Garvin’s life cannot be summed up into a few words.

Garvin is a member of the Class of 2025 at Cherry Hill High School East. He has lived in Cherry Hill his whole life, and has attended Cherry Hill schools since kindergarten. Garvin went to J.F. Cooper Elementary School and Rosa International Middle School prior to attending East.

One of Garvin’s strong passions is soccer. He has been playing for most of his life. He started playing when he was five years old and played on the Rosa boys’ soccer team. As for his position, Garvin plays as an outside midfielder. He plays for the East boys’ soccer team in the fall each season. Along with school soccer, Garvin plays on the Liverpool FC club team throughout the year.

As a freshman, Garvin played on the junior varsity boys’ soccer team. This prior fall, he made it to varsity as only a sophomore. While being on varsity was a huge accomplishment for Garvin, it also came with some challenges.

“I was competing for [playing] time this year as a sophomore because there were eight seniors on the starting squad, so it was hard to get minutes. That was just something I had to overcome and try to work hard at,” Garvin said.

Garvin has two completely separate teams between club soccer and school soccer. None of his teammates overlap, so he plays with different people depending on which team he is playing for at the moment.

“They are just two different teams but I enjoy both,” Garvin said.

Garvin experiences different environments between the two teams. He feels closer with his East teammates than with his club teammates.

“I think club soccer probably feels a little less like a team. East [soccer] feels like a team because I know other kids from my classes, and I bond with them every day in the locker room,” Garvin said. “Club is more just practices and games, and I’m still friends with them, it’s just not the same.”

Garvin’s passion for soccer keeps him motivated, especially because it is difficult to balance East soccer with club soccer. In the fall, Garvin will typically have practice for East soccer after school, and then practice for club soccer at night.

Overall, Garvin has gained so much from soccer. He has experienced the joy of the sport, created new friendships that will last a lifetime and learned that hard work pays off.

While soccer is a big part of Garvin’s life, it certainly is not his only interest. Garvin also enjoys skiing with his friends and family. He often goes skiing in New York and Vermont with his family.

“Every year, my dad and I get together with a bunch of other dads and sons and we go on a father-son ski trip,” Garvin said.

Soccer and skiing trips are just two ways that Garvin likes to connect with his friends and family.

Garvin also greatly enjoys listening to music. Some of his favorite artists include Kendrick Lamar, Rex Orange County, The Weeknd and Backseat Lovers. Garvin also plays drums with his friends.

Garvin looks forward to attending various East events this year. For example, the basketball games, Sophomore Cotillion, and any pep rallies.

To conclude, yes, Garvin is a sophomore, soccer player, drummer and skier. But, his existence cannot be summed up into a few words — or even 500.

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