Juul falsely advertises its products

December 17, 2022

As of April 2021, JUUL was the most popular reusable e-cigarette company in the world. Feeding into teens and adults’ unhealthy addiction to vaping, each JUUL contains 40 mg of nicotine; equivalent to the amount of nicotine in one pack of cigarettes. Recently, JUUL has been under deep investigation, bringing light to the real horrors of vaping.
JUUL launched its company of e-cigarettes in 2015. Since then, they have released over 50 “pod” flavors. These range from simple flavors like mint and mango, to intricate flavors like creme brulee and apple crumble. Along with its appealing flavors, JUUL advertises its products with bright colors. Specifically targeted at teens and young kids, JUUL uses cartoons, young influencers, and bright colors to intrigue consumers.
Much of the blame for the vaping epidemic is directed toward JUUL. Disclosing the harmful effects of using one of the products in advertisements has led to controversy surrounding the company.
After their two-year-long investigation, this past summer the FDA banned the sale of all JUUL products in the US. The company has to pay $440 million to settle this investigation and is facing other repercussions. Thirty-three states participated in the investigation, and it is the biggest legal threat an e-cigarette company has had to face. The money will be paid over six years. From the money they receive, Connecticut has decided that $16 million will go towards educating young kids and teens about vaping. There will be teaching requirements in schools with the hopes of preventing kids from vaping. Along with this, JUUL has agreed to “not using cartoons, paying social media influencers, depicting people under 35, advertising on billboards and public transportation or placing ads in any outlets unless 85% of the publication’s audience are adults” according to CBS.
In addition to this case, JUUL is also facing hundreds of other lawsuits from users that claim to be misled by their products. There are many lawsuits against JUUL from users that developed an addiction to their products as well.
E-cigarettes have been around for a while and the FDA acknowledges the harmful effects of vaping with this investigation. Vaping has taken over the world. The FDA urges teens, adults, and other users of e-cigarettes to quit now before it’s too late.

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