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Interact is one of Cherry Hill East’s largest most involved club. Not only has it brought together peers but also all members of the community. Starting in 2016 by Deborah Barr, Interact has aimed towards focusing on service above self. The club has many committed board members, all of whom couldn’t be happier about their involvement. For the past years Interact and it’s members have devoted their time to multiple organizations around the area, as well as events held by those organizations and East. Just last year the club participated in plethora of events including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night, JFCS Chemo Kits for Cancer Patients, Barclay Bash volunteering, and chocolate bar sales, which brought in over $3,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America. Most clubs were forced to shut down during the pandemic but Interact organized safe ways to give back when the community needed it most. Weather it was at home, outdoor, or online activities everyone in the club continued to participate even through the difficult conditions. Barr and the board members anticipate a successful year for Interact, and are thrilled to welcome any new members. For anyone who wants to make a difference, Interact is definitely the club for you.

The picture above shows a community service club cleaning up East property in 1996 (on the left) along with Interact’s 2021 Hollow-clean up (on the right).

Q&A with Interact board members

Q: In what ways does your club give back to the community?
A: “We give back to the community in a variety of different ways. Different organizations often reach out to us. They now know us as staple group of students that want to help them. I feel like, regardless, if it’s arts and crafts just at East or if it’s going as far out as helping a religious group, people know that they can come to us.” -Brielle Lampf (‘23)

Q: Why do you feel East needed this club?
A: “I feel that East needed this club because Interact isn’t only for helping the community but also for helping each other, and to really create one big family, as cliche as that sounds. It’s such a great club because it let’s us build a community as well as serve the community”- Susanna Hur (‘25)

Q: How much does it mean to you to organize this club?
A: “Since my Freshman year Interact has been such a special thing to me. I remember when I heard that I was going to be on board I screamed and ran out of my house jumping up and down. It meant so much to me and really helped me grow as a person too. Becoming a board member has helped me not only give back in numerous ways but also become more of a leader. It meant the world to me to get to talk to Mrs. Barr each day as well as meet all these wonderful people.” – Ayza Sayany (‘23)

Q: What events are you planning for the year?
A: “We are looking to do Sandwich making, positivity chalk art, chocolate bar sales for GCSSEF, light the night, hallow-clean up, first grade pen pals, letters against isolation, love letters for literacy, Autism walk/run, read to elementary schools, and more” -Mrs.Barr

Q: How have your events impacted the community in prior years?
A: “A specific instance would be the teacher appreciation letters we wrote during the new year, which was like a surprise for the teachers. I remember getting these emails from teachers thanking me, saying they would put the letters on their fridge, and explaining how much it meant to them considering some felt their hard work was getting overlooked. It was nice because it was an unexpected surprise when moral was down.”-Daniella Abrams (‘23)

Q: How has Interact impacted your years(so far) at East?
A: “Interact has given me an opportunity to spend my time working towards something that makes me feel like I’ve made a difference. It has also helped me make lots of friendships with our members! Some of the nicest people I’ve met and love to be around are from Interact. Overall, Interact has made me feel like I’m a part of something that matters.”-Azarin Reid (‘24)

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