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October 15, 2021


Melissa Vital ('23)

Tips and tricks on how to feel confident in your own style

When it comes to style, a person can reinvent or even build their own personal brand. Style reflects what a person possibly stands for or how they want to be noticed in a crowd. When someone feels great about what they are wearing, their confidence will be boosted as well. Therefore, this “fashion identity” typically matches a person’s personality or typical mood.
For example, the preppy style, worn by country club goers or prep school students, usually includes a polo layered under a knit sweater and paired with khakis or a skirt. For the more free-spirited individuals of the world, the bohemian style is associated with neutral or earth color schemes, as well as flowy clothing. The fashionistas who want a blast from the past typically associate themselves with the vintage style, which includes styles that were popular in previous eras. These looks can range from eras of the 1920s-1970s, and include anything from flapper dresses to leg warmers. The more common styles such as street wear or casual wear are typically filling people’s closets at home.
Additionally, when it comes to personalizing your own style, the key is to dress according to whatever your heart desires! Whether that is sporty, chic, or casual, the most fitting style a person can wear is the one that they feel the most comfortable in. While a certain type of shoe might pair well with a going-out outfit, or a purse could tie an entire lazy-day outfit together, an individual truly does not have a sense of style unless they feel absolutely and utterly confident in what they are wearing.
Although searching up tips and tricks of styling an outfit can seem totally necessary in todays’ society, where “fitting in” is important to many, one cannot truly be happy unless they follow their own fashion path. This is because the different fashion cultures make life a little bit more colorful and provide opportunities for change and new beginnings.
Rather than suggesting how to style yourself, check out a few tips in our infographic on how to feel confident in your marvelous outfits!

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