Ilana Chase (’23) commits to Rhode Island college for gymnastics

May 30, 2023


Courtesy of Ilana Chase

Chase commits to Rhode Island for gymnastics

Ilana Chase has committed to Rhode Island College for Gymnastics. Chase started doing gymnastics at the age of three and has been playing her sport for the last 15 years. She goes to surgents elite gymnastics in Westfield, NJ. SInce East does not have a gymnastics team, she only does club gymnastics. She decided to do gymnastics in college because of her love for the sport. Ilana knew after her senior year she would not be ready to stop competing. 

“Like many other kid athletes, my childhood dream was to compete in college, so when I got the opportunity I took it. “

The main reason she chose Rhode Island College is because of the team dynamic and the coaching style. This is very different from what she saw from other teams, for example at the end of every practice, everyone goes around the circle and says something they think someone else did well that day. That really showed her that it was a positive team environment. She also picked Rhode Island College because of the amazing nursing program they have. She plans on majoring in Nursing with a dream to be a pediatric ICU nurse

“Even though I did not do gymnastics at East, I played soccer. While playing soccer she was also doing club gymnastics and every single person on the team would still support me and always ask how my competition was, even though it was a completely different sport.”

The biggest inspiration of her gymnastics career was attending International gymnastics camp at a young age. IGC taught her so many different things that did not just have to do with gymnastics. It also allowed her to meet people from all over who shared the same passion as her. 

Ilana is looking forward to meeting all the team members and hopefully helping her team compete at nationals next year. 

‘I am looking forward to living up to my childhood dream.” 

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