The coronavirus spreads through droplets of liquid that leave an infected person’s body when coughing, sneezing, or in close proximity, exhaling. If a healthy person comes in contact with these fluids through the surface or human contact and then touches their mouth, eye or nose- they are then almost positive for the coronavirus.

Symptoms for the virus include bluish lips, trouble breathing, acute chest pain, and unexplainable muscle soreness.

Most people with a stronger immune system (growing children, teens, young adults) have shown a pattern of more mild symptoms such as the common cold or influenza. Others infected, such as adults over 40 years of age and senior citizens have shown severe symptoms and may require hospitalization.

To prevent chances of infection take measures to wash your hands regularly, pay more attention to often clean surfaces, and distance yourself from others by staying home with immediate family members. When sneezing or coughing please do so into a tissue or napkin.

To get tested, one must call their local doctors despite the lack of specified treatment and if tested positive, a face-mask is highly recommended if outings are absolutely or essential. Isolation from others including shared surfaces is also recommended.

Taskforce coordinator Deborah Birx says that if Americans proceed with authoritative direction correctly on how to handle the coronavirus, then the country will only see around 200,000 deaths by the unpredictable end of it.

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