How to make maple syrup snow candy

Perhaps the most magical moment of winter is when the first snow comes. Not only is the sight of snow covering everything in a serene blanket a beautiful sight, but it also promises a simple and frosty one ingredient treat with it. My childhood has been marked by the greatest snowfalls, and I vividly remember spooning maple syrup onto the fresh snow and making chewy maple taffies.

As displayed, gather maple syrup, a popsicle stick, and some snow. (Alena Zhang (’23))

To make these candies, you will need maple syrup, a popsicle stick, and a layer of snow.







Zhang (’23) boils the maple syrup to create a thicker consistency. (Alena Zhang (’23))

First, boil your maple syrup. This will thicken your syrup and allow it to harden once it hits the snow. To test if the temperature is ready, take a spoonful of hot syrup and drop it into cold water. If it forms a ball in the water, it has been heated enough.









Zhang (’23) drizzles the maple syrup on the snow. (Alena Zhang (’23))

Next, drizzle it onto fresh, clean snow. Wait a couple of seconds until the maple syrup does not feel sticky to the touch.













Roll the popsicle stick around in the maple syrup and make sure that it sticks. (Alena Zhang (’23))

Finally, take your popsicle stick and place it on top of your layer of maple syrup and roll it around the stick.






Now, enjoy your maple syrup snow candy! (Alena Zhang (’23))

Take it off of the snow and enjoy!

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