How to fall in love with yourself

February 14, 2021

“My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.” Spoken by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, these words pose as a testament to the power and healing that self-love can bring to one. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is bound to be in the air, and it’s officially time to begin the process towards achieving self-love. This process is everything but “easy” and is a life-long skill that is vital towards making healthy choices in life, and can be attained through several tips/tricks.

A major step that must be taken when attempting to achieve self-love is gaining trust and accepting yourself for your individuality, which can be done through the utilization of a journal. Writing on a daily basis in a journal can help one confront your own fears and insecurities that have been harbored for too long. By communicating your thoughts, opinions, and feelings, you are able to check in with yourself and see where you stand mentally and physically. Reflect on what aspects of life have made you both the happiest and unhappiest in the past week. What are you planning to alter in order to make yourself happier next week? Throughout this journaling experience, make sure to remain kind to yourself as this can be one of the most difficult forms of self-love to achieve.

Follow these tips and tricks to gain more self-love for yourself! (Lalitha Viswanathan (’22))

Relationships play a prominent role in determining one’s ability to truly love themselves with who they are. Create and maintain healthy relationships with those who make you happy and push you to be your best and truest self. Although it may be difficult, it is necessary to cut out toxic, unsupportive individuals that constantly bring negativity to your life. Toxic relationships will destroy your best self, which will place you in a poor mental state for a prolonged period of time. Ensure that those who you surround yourself with want the best for you as this establishes a second support system that can contribute to your own contentment. Opening up to friends and relatives can help you feel supported even through difficult times.

In the midst of this love-giving holiday, many forget to give love to the most important person…themselves. Take this time to treat yourself! Whether that means to splurge on skincare products or to order a meal from your favorite restaurant, it’s an essential part to successfully attain self-love. Life can become overwhelmingly stressful to the point where you lose touch with the small things that make you happy, and reigniting that spark you share with specific interests and hobbies can be fulfilling to both the soul and mind.

Throughout this journey you take to find self-love, know that this process will require lots of devotion and determination as it won’t be smooth sailing. However, you deserve to fall in love with and appreciate yourself, regardless of the challenges that are presented. It’s officially time to admire yourself just a little more.

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