How can we fight gun violence in our schools?

February 27, 2022


Aiden Rood ('23)

When 100 students at Cherry Hill East were surveyed, students weighed in on their thoughts regarding our current preventative measures.

Across the globe, schools have been plagued with the threat of gun violence. Elementary schools and colleges alike experience the same threat of gun violence; in recent years, the danger has become more prominent.

With these rising concerns come new preventative measures being installed into school districts across the nation. Many are aware of some of our current preventative measures, like school safety drills (lockdowns, lockouts, etc,) but it is important to ask: how much safety can these drills provide?

Of course, nothing can be 100% safe – that’s impossible. However, there are certainly other preventative measures that could be taking place throughout the Cherry Hill Public Schools district. For one, implementing mental health screenings and providing more mental health resources in all schools across the district could greatly aid in this pursuit.

Personally, I feel physically safe everyday in the Cherry Hill High School East building, but that does not eliminate the fear factor I get when hearing about school shootings across the country. The inevitable questions are raised. What if that happens to my school? Why is this happening? Do the adults even care anymore? And oftentimes, I see that those who are bringing guns to school are mentally unwell. It frustrates me, as I’m sure it does many other students. How come this mentally unwell person had access to a gun?

As young adults, I feel that Cherry Hill East students are aware that we cannot possibly ensure complete safety amongst every scenario, but it seems as if in this day and age, the risk of gun violence is becoming more prominent, and that must change.

We have safety measures like safety drills, security presences, and the installation of security vestibules throughout our district, which is so appreciated by students and staff; yet, just because we have these safety measures does not mean that we can give up on finding more solutions. This issue needs to be constantly addressed. If the shooters will not stop, then neither will we.

I am satisfied with our current preventative measures, but moving forward, I think that there needs to be a continued emphasis on school safety. Involve students in the conversations. What will make us feel more comfortable coming to school every day? There are many additional safety measures out there, and it is up to the Cherry Hill Public Schools district as to whether we will continue to implement them.

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