How can the average person protect themselves?

February 26, 2023

It may get overwhelming at times when attempting to implement various cybersecurity measures. Below are a few ways to protect yourself, so that your systems, networks and devices are fully secure.

  1. Create strong passwords. Longer passwords (at least 12 characters) are stronger. Use not only letters, but a variety of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. Use different passwords for each app/website.  
  2. Be careful of bad actors. Make sure to check for incorrect grammar, generic greetings, unrealistic deals and requests for personal information like your password, all of which bad actors may use.  
  3. Sign out on public devices. Other users may be able to access your account on the device afterwards, so make sure to disable options of saving the password and delete browser history and cookies.
  4. Update software. By updating to the newest software available, current bugs and security compromises may be fixed/improved. 
  5. Enable two-factor authentication. This step, which requires more than one way to verify your identity to secure your account and can help prevent phishing and potential password attacks. 
  6. Be careful of public WiFi. Public WiFi, in some cases, isn’t encrypted, leading to vulnerability of your personal information and websites you are visiting being exposed by bad actors.
  7. Check your privacy settings. Some apps may have permission to capture data from your camera or microphone that you can switch off.
  8. Check hyperlinks. Sometimes suspicious emails or messages have links attached. Hover over the link to check if the URL is for the content you are expecting before clicking on it.
  9. Turn off your Bluetooth when you aren’t using it. Hackers can potentially gain access to your device through Bluetooth and steal personal information.
  10. Be cautious of HTTP websites. These websites are not secure, so avoid putting in payment information and personal information.
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