Alena Zhang ('23)

The Hospital Support Club is brand new to Cherry Hill East.

Hospital Support Club

Google Classroom: eit6vkn
Instagram: @easthospitalsupport

The Hospital Support Club is a brand new club that has just recently made its way into Cherry Hill East. With this club, East students now focus their time into volunteering for health occupations. Whether it is spending time in hospitals and working with patients or helping the elderly communities, students are able to experience and be able to help, while bringing joy to community members.

The Hospital Support Club at East is run by President Angelina Li (‘23); Vice President Erin Kang (‘23); and Treasurer and Secretary Thanh Tran (‘23). Together, they are trying to support as many local hospitals as they can with help from members of the East community. As club leaders, they run the social media and plan events.

Originally a club that they wanted to make pre-pandemic, they found inspiration and the motivation to start this club in the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. They now have lots of involvement from students at East of all different grades.

“There has been a lot of participation from students of all grades and we have done so much so far,” said Li.

They have a very active social media, as well as a Google Classroom and a Remind message for updates on their events and meetings. They pride themselves on many different community service opportunities and keep an active following for students to be able to join and be involved in as many events as possible. Not only do they help the East community, they try to get involved in our local community as much as possible.

“We want to give our peers as many opportunities to get as much experience in hospitals and helping hospitals to the best that we can,” said Kang.

So far there have been three activities. They held a fundraiser at Chipotle to raise money for supplies which they used to help kids on Halloween receive treats around the hospital environment, sold first-aid kits in order to raise money for hospitals, and they have worked on a project that collabs with East musicians on call in which they can help out an elderly community at Virtua Hospital.

Looking towards the future, they want to do events with elementary school students and find ways to help them out. In addition, they are in the process of launching a hoodie fundraiser as well as hosting a gaming tournament. As opportunities arise, Cherry Hill East’s Hospital Support Club is constantly looking for more ways to impact East students lives as well as the community around us.

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