Holiday food favorites

Holiday food favorites

During the holidays, families and friends tend to gather in one place — around the dining room table. We catch up on each other’s lives, toast the holiday with a clink of our glasses and then eat ourselves into a food coma.

Candy Canes:

Candy canes are a great holiday treat during the holidays. (Courtesy of

When talking about holiday foods, Candy Canes are on the top of my list! As soon as everyone’s Halloween candy supply runs low, the markets begin to mega-stock their shelves with the number one Holiday food of the year: Candy Canes. Coming in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, this classic striped peppermint candy is indeed my favorite Holiday food, and for many others as well!




Whether the gingerbread is made into delicious treats like gingerbread cookies or it is just the natural baked good, it scores high on Shin’s (’23) list. (Courtesy of

The warm fireplace, the happy full stomach, the laughter amongst family… it’s a perfect holiday… except for the missing gingerbread! Gingerbread definitely scores high on my list of favorite holiday foods. The crisp, warm taste along with the lasting hints of ginger make this holiday treat a masterpiece.





Hot Chocolate:

Shin (’23) also enjoys hot chocolate, with it ranking third on his list. (Courtesy of Pinterest)

Hot Chocolate has always been my go-to Holiday food (or drink). As soon as the weather takes a cold turn, you can find me lining up at Starbucks to buy a cup of this chocolate drink. Lasting you with a constant warm feeling in the midst of the cold, nobody can name a more perfect holiday drink. Although one may not count is as “food”, it’s good enough to be on this list!!




Roasted Ham and Turkey:

Shin (’23) also likes roasted turkey during the holidays (Courtesy of
Roasted ham is always a good treat during the holidays. (Courtesy of

Although my family has never been a huge ham and turkey family during the holidays, I do love this holiday classic. Great for serving large families getting together for the holidays, ham and turkey (you can like both, right?) deserve a place in my top favorite holiday foods. It leaves your house smelling delicious with the bonding smell of oven-cooked ham and turkey, bringing a smile to everyone’s face!


Pumpkin Pie:

Pumpkin pie is yet another one of Shin’s (23) favorite holiday foods. (Courtesy of

Lastly, we have pumpkin pie! Being one of the signature holiday dishes, pumpkin pie begins its season toward Halloween and lasts until New Years. Along with pecan pie, nearly every family has this dessert sometime throughout the holidays. Personally, I love to have a creamy slice every now and then, leaving my mouth with a sweet and pumpkin-y flavor throughout the day!

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