Hispanic identity is not defined by the negative stereotype

February 4, 2021

In this world we are continually being classified by our race and identity, and for some individuals it’s difficult to look past that. Despite the fact that in the past many fought for equality and to stop prejudice and separation, it actually happens.

Many of the Hispanic community have been criticized for speaking Spanish, being seen as alcoholics and criminals, and being told to go back to their homes. Racist groups take advantage of the illegal Latino population. They believe the Latino population have no rights due to their illegal status here in the United States. They certainly know many Hispanics won’t go to the police to report these acts of discriminations due to fear of being deported, so they live in silence. Hispanic employees have really experienced very unfair job mistreatment from their employers both in public and private sectors. Despite their hard work in jobs, no credit or appreciation is accorded to them for instance: wages raise; no chances for ideas sharing since their ideas are considered unworthy towards bringing forth development. I, as a daughter, have seen my parents go through racism hundreds of times because of these situations. I’ve never truly seen them stand up for themselves and not only just my parents, I’ve seen it happen to other people, even on the news.

We Hispanics are hard working people who come to the United States for a better life. Yes, there are Hispanics who are typically viewed as a negative stereotype, but that does not identify all of us.

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