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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that works with and helps communities around the world. Frank Console felt that Cherry Hill East deserved our very own Habitat for Humanity and 19 years ago he decided to form the club. Ever since then Console and club members packed the buses each year and traveled to multiple states, planning to build and reconstruct homes for those in need. At least hundreds of homes were built over the past years, whether it was during day builds, Baltimore trips, or the yearly spring break trips. Habitat doesn’t only build homes. It also builds bonds. People who may have otherwise never spoken to each other have been able to form friendships for years to come all because of Habitats extensive time spent together. Everyone is able to see the effect one act of service can have on a whole community and learn why their help is so important. Though Habitat was required to stop during the pandemic, Console and club president Lizzy Sommeling (‘23) made sure there would be a strong comeback. Just earlier this year they had an interest meeting, bringing in at least 100 students, and on November 10-12 they participated in their first Baltimore trip since 2019 . Habitat knows how special homeownership is, and with your help numerous families can receive their much needed home-sweet-home.

Q&A with Frank Console and Lizzy Sommeling (‘23)

Q: In what ways does your club give back to the community?
A: ”We help build houses for families in need, which helps immensely to build a community. It shows that homeownership has so many ripple effects in the community. There is less highschool, drop out rate, less drug use, neighborhoods are more stable, so we make that contribution of helping one house and it really goes to helping the overall community.” -Console

Q: Why do you feel East needed this club?
A: ”I think It’s good for East and the east community to be involved in Habitat because it brings a sense of togetherness, we are able to come together with groups of people, even from our on school who we might have never met, and make bonds that we’ll probably never forget, but at the same time we’ll be serving our community and causing good around us.”-Sommeling (‘23)

Q:How much does it mean to you to organize this club?
A: ”It means a ton to me because it gives me this leadership position. It makes me very proud that I’m involved in Habitat and that I’m helping the community while also inspiring other people to join me. It makes me really happy that I can get other kids involved, and get them to care about the community.”-Sommeling (‘23)

Q: What events are you planning for the year?
A: ”We have our Baltimore trip coming up in November, the ginger-bread house fundraising event, day-builds throughout the next few months, and we are looking into a spring-break trip.” -Console

Q: How have your events impacted the community in prior years? Has anyone ever personally thanked you?
A: “I know a lot of students that go on to do Habitat in college, or even start a Habitat chapter in college. Also I remember one time we went back to the same place two years in a row and we saw the house that we worked on the previous year was now lived in by a family and people were playing outside. That was really impactful.” -Console

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