Gifts to help people through the pandemic

December 23, 2020

Lets face it, no one thought back in march that we would be entering the holiday season with the pandemic still being this prevalent. And while that may bring down the festive mood, we might as well lean into it. So, here are some pandemic-based gifts to surprise your friends and family.
To start, a custom mask is clearly the most obvious choice when it comes to a pandemic-based gift. Whether it is their favorite sports team’s logo, or a personal design, a mask is a great way to give a practical, memorable, and fitting gift because, let’s face it, the surgical masks are getting a bit overused.
The gifts themselves don’t have to be physical also. I have found that an extremely useful gift is a streaming service subscription. While hopefully we will be out of our homes soon, subscriptions to streaming services, for example, Netflix, Hulu, Disney plus, HBO max, or any number of sports networks are extremely practical before and even after our lives get back to normal. While the days of Netflix giving us all of the content in the world may be gone, surprising your friends and family with some subscriptions will be much appreciated for sure.
As mentioned already, a great gift this year is one that although it works extremely well while we are at home, it can still be useful post pandemic. Giving gifts for at home workouts like resistance bands, pull up bars, or weights can help those struggling with fitness during the pandemic, and can still be useful for those who don’t feel like going to the gym after the pandemic. Whether they are a gym nut, a person who likes working out, or someone simply looking to lose some quarantine weight, gifts for at-home workouts are sure to be much appreciated.
Regardless of who you give a gift to, they probably like games. Whether they be board games, video games, card games, any friend or family member would be happy with that kind of gift. Especially with all this time spent at home, everyone has had an opportunity to hone in their skills at their favorite games. Giving someone some new content after 9 months would be sincerely welcome. Also, if everyone in the family decides to chip in, you could try your shot at the all-too-elusive playstation 5, however that’s nearly impossible to get given high demand.
One of the things which you may not have noticed you have been using a lot during the pandemic is earbuds. Whether it be because you want to enjoy your favorite music or podcast in peace while stuck at home or on a walk, or simply because you enjoy the sound quality, earbuds are a great gift to give someone stuck at home. The best thing about this gift is its versatility, depending on the level of friendship, you can pick out the quality and price of earbuds. Mostly for their practicality and versatility, I find earbuds to be a great gift for people of any age.
Overall, the best rule to follow for gift giving based around the pandemic is to find something themed around the pandemic, extremely useful during the pandemic, and possibly still useful after. Although most of the above gifts follow these general guidelines, really anything you can think of which also does will be sure to impress.

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