Gift ideas from local stores that your Valentine will love

February 12, 2022


Julia Rosten ('24)

The meaning of the six most popular flowers.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday with the second-most amount of spending during the year, only following Christmas. Gifts for girls typically include baked goods, jewelry, and flowers. This holiday, consider shopping local for your loved one, and purchase unique items that they will never forget.

Baked Goods
For getting baked goods, there are numerous bakeries in South Jersey that provide special items for the holiday.At Sugar Plum Bakery, they are selling multi-layered heart cakes and the Valentine’s Day classic, red velvet with cream cheese icing. Around this time of year, numerous bakeries are offering their typical products with customization to make their day extra special.
Finally at Dulce’s Artisanal Pastry, their special Valentine’s Day menu features an assortment of delicacies, perhaps the most impressive being their assortment of French macarons. More items on their menu include mousse cakes, confection boxes, and a cherry wine broken heart.

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day is a huge way to make it special for individuals. The local jewelry store, Morton & Rudolph Jewelers have been in South Jersey for over 40 years, being a special part of this community. While their primary function is for engagement rings and wedding bands, they also sell a variety of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to satisfy customers.
An additional jeweler that is a huge part of South Jersey jewelry is Spivak Jewelers. They sell engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion jewelry. They take pride in their South Jersey roots and enjoy selling special items to this community. For this season, they are featuring rose gold rings and jewelry to accent the pink for Valentine’s Day.

What would Valentine’s Day be without a beautiful bouquet of flowers? You could opt for classic red roses or a colorful and fun bouquet. South Jersey offers a wide array of flower shops to go to for your loved one.
To begin, at Jacqueline’s Florists, they are offering bouquets of pink flowers with baby breaths, the classic red rose bouquet, and a beautiful bouquet of multicolored flowers to offer a unique twist to Valentine’s Day. An additional boutique that offers Valentine’s Day specials is Sam’s Flowers. You can select from a variety of designs or even choose to customize your own beautiful bouquet.

This Valentine’s Day, choose to shop locally from stores in your South Jersey community. These businesses are able to thrive during this holiday season and you are able to contribute to your local economy. All of these stores and more offer Valentine’s Day specials in order for you and your loved ones to have the best holiday possible.

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