Vivian Rong (23) expresses art through photography.

Vivian Rong ('23)

Vivian Rong (’23) expresses art through photography.

Gallery: Vivian Rong (‘23)

“Something I love about photography is being able to capture art in ordinary things. I took both of these photos while I was taking photos for fun, and I love being able to find beauty within everyday life. The photo of the moon in the night sky reminds me of darkness surrounding a sliver of light. I think that even though the photo is simple, it shows the moon in detail with its soft inner edge. The second photo of a teacup hanging from a tree was taken in my backyard. I like to play with natural light in photography, to see how it can affect the overall feeling a photo gives off. I love how the light in this particular photo bounces off of the teacup from the sun and gives the ceramic an extra coat of shine.”

Vivian Rong (’23) expresses art through photography. (Vivian Rong (’23))

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