Extraterrestrial life at Area 51

February 5, 2022


Courtesy of aarp.org

Suspicion rises over Area 51s possible involvement with extraterrestrial life

Just north of Rachel, Nevada lies the highly classified Area 51. To the public, Area 51 is perceived as an Air Force facility located within the boundaries of Nevada’s Test and Training Range, but many wonder if it could be more.
Back in the 1950s, the area was commonly used to test different air and spacecraft prototypes and was well-known for doing so. However, as time passed, the facility grew quiet and the public began to wonder what was really going on behind its walls.
It wasn’t until the late 50’s that extraterrestrial life came into question. The topic had drummed up interest from people all over the world and the idea was starting to be further explored. By 1961, this question of life outside of our own was connected to the secrets within Area 51.
The idea of aliens being held in the area immediately skyrocketed. Aircrafts being tested over the facility were assumed to be UFOs. The fact that the testing site is only miles away from a nuclear power plant raised even more suspicions.
During an interview with reporter Bob Lazar back in 1989, the connection between Area 51 and Aliens was made in a serious manner. Until this point, the myth had not circled to any mainstream outlets and the debate caused much buzz in the Las Vegas area.
The most recent uproar surrounding Area 51 occurred in September of 2019 when a plan to storm the government zone was arranged. This plan was not taken into action, however, as it had grown so much popularity on social media that law enforcement became involved, and the scheme was shut down.
Since mentions of the possible raid two years ago, security has immensely improved in size and strength to prevent any further misdemeanors in the area.
After the shutdown, the base generals of the facility were interviewed and asked to share their thoughts on the possibility of invasion by the general public. The officers claimed that civilians will find nothing out of the ordinary, but they implore people to obey the law and stay outside of Area 51’s boundaries for reasons involving safety and privacy.
Still, many wonder what secrets Area 51 holds. Is it really just a governmental testing facility, or is there something more lurking behind closed doors? The untold may be out of this world.

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