@EstherTian creates positive and entertaining content on TikTok

January 4, 2021

Esther Tian (’22) gains views by making entertaining content for her followers. In an interview with Tian (’22), she describes her personal experience with posting on TikTok.

Interview with Esther Tian (’22)
1. Why did you first start making TikToks?

So for me, I started TikTok hoping to get views for my singing. Now I just post whatever I want including fun trends, singing covers, dance covers and positive content for people to relate to. Not so long ago, I also posted a couple videos about my faith because I wanted to be more vocal about it, and I also posted a “mental health check” which really helped a lot of people. Overall, I just want to post things that make other people happy and post what makes me happy.

2. What is your favorite part about making TikToks so far?

Making friends! I’ve made so many friends and I feel like a lot of people look down on making friends online but I’ve met so many down to earth and genuine people. I talk to them almost everyday and I make a groupchat with some of them and we’re all from all over the place, even other countries. I made two really close friends and we are even sending each other Christmas gifts!”

3. Has creating TikTok’s helped you or taught you anything important you can use in life?

Yes it definitely has. I learned that being confident and strong-minded is super important. I tend to compare myself with other people but having that negative mindset can really affect your confidence, so I try my best to stay strong minded. another thing I learned is speaking badly about other people is not good. I think we all know that and tend to do it but unless you have a valid reason to speak badly about someone, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. I also learned that not caring about what others think is essential. It’s an obvious life moral, but TikTok really helped me see life from a different perspective, especially after meeting new people. Meeting new people from other places allowed me to see how others think and I also met a lot of insanely strong-minded people, so they helped me a lot!

4. What made your TikTok account first blow up?

Before, I made an account on Instagram but it didn’t really get noticed, so one day, I impulsively posted a singing video that ended up going viral. After that, people requested me to post more so I decided to do that on TikTok. I feel like it’s easier to get noticed on TikTok because of its algorithm. Now, I’ve made a lot of friends through the app and also met someone who wanted to help me produce my own music in the future!”

5. Do you have any goals in the future relating to TikTok?

At this point, I just do it for fun because it makes me happy. I’m thinking of writing music in the future so I might use my platform to promote it and we will see from there!

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