Election Reflection

March 14, 2020

As the midterm elections approach, student journalists at the National High School Journalism Convention and early voters on the streets of Downtown Chicago reflect on how they interact with news and politics.

“I have volunteered on numerous political campaigns, I’ve canvassed, I’ve phone banked, so I’ve always…been involved, but I haven’t actually been able to vote yet, so I was super excited”

— Voter

I’ve seen a lot of energy in the teenage generation in terms of gun control, LGBTQ acceptance, Black Lives Matter…So much has been going on, and teenagers are really a big voice for that.

— Jacklyn, California

The older generation tends to vote more often than us young people, and I think it’s very important to get people of our age, of our ethnicity, of our background, of our youth to get involved

— Voter

My best friend is as right as you’ll go and I’m as right as you’ll go. We acknowledge each other’s sides and we come to terms with it..it’s a blend of two perspectives.

— Georgett, Texas

[Media] got me to get up and get out and vote, just because of the way things are going and wanting to make a difference

— Voter

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